Thursday, December 27, 2012

ESPN Ranks Jonathan Quick At Number 16 Of 2012's Top 20 Athletes

In's Cross-Sport Power Rankings, a year long weekly series, the top 20 athletes from every sport would be ranked on their dominance and play in the various sports and leagues. This list was published through out the length of 2012 and now at the conclusion of the calendar year, ESPN has put together the top 20 athletes based on a what unfolded on their weekly list.

Only one hockey player made that list, that being Los Angeles Kings goalie, Jonathan Quick. Quick came in at number 16 on the list, ranking higher than big name athletes like, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers and Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings.'s brief description of Quick's season does not give him justice.
Kings goalie Jonathan Quick was already a Vezina Trophy finalist in the regular season. But he really made his mark in the playoffs, when he turned in one of the greatest runs the sport has ever seen. Quick led the eighth-seeded Kings to 10 consecutive road wins, and eventually the first Stanley Cup in franchise history.
During the regular season, Quick ranked in the top five of every major goaltending category. Quick lead the NHL with ten shutouts, ranked second with a 1.95 goals against average, boasted a .929 save percentage and won 35 games for the Kings.

Once the playoffs started, Quick's dominance was enough to win him the Conne Smythe Trophy as the playoff's Most Valuable Player. With the help of three shutouts, Quick racked up a gaudy 1.41 goals against average and .946 save percentage during the playoffs.

Some hockey fans will look at that list and dispute its validity, gripe and moan that Quick is that low list and may even question the fact that Quick is the one representing the NHL and not a different player. But the fact that Quick made the list and the NHL got some coverage on ESPN is better than nothing. Especially during this never ending lockout.  

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