Monday, July 2, 2012

Parise And Sutter Are Holding Up The Free Agency

The second day of the NHL's free agency is coming to a close and the big fish are still on the market. Both Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, this year's biggest names, have yet to sign new contracts, but have narrowed their possibilities.

This prolonged wait is frustrating many, and Parise and Sutter are not making any indications as to making a decision soon.

Earlier today Parise told the media.
"It's such a long-term, important decision, you have to make sure you look at everything."
Both players have been rumored to have narrowed their possibilities to several teams, but will likely not make their decisions until sometime tomorrow, hopefully. These decisions are holding up the rest of the free agency from shaping up.

Since these two are the top dogs, many teams are waiting to see if they will be able to land one or the other and are waiting for this to unfold before they go after their back up plans. Once these decisions are made, other top free agents like Matt Carle and Alexander Semin will start to get some phone calls.

But until then, all the cameras, and money will be focused on Parise and Sutter and the rest will have to wait patiently.

Will we get an answer tomorrow sometime? No one knows besides Parise and Sutter, but most would like this to end soon so the off-season can move on.

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