Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Julylights: July 3rd, Bertuzzi's Between The Legs Shootout Winner

Welcome to Julylights, a month long series taking the top plays of the '11-'12 season and giving them to you one a day, every day of the month of July.  

Ah the shootout, hated by many and love by more. A time for players to bring out their trickiest moves in an attempt to beat the opposing goaltender. A time for highlight reel saves, and highlight reel dangles, the latter is more frequent.

This move by Todd Bertuzzi came during the preseason, a time where things aren't too serious, and a case that this goals should not be taken into account can be made becasue of that. But, is a game between the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks ever not serious?

So here it is. (Video after the jump)

Am I the only one that hates the comment, "In Datsyukian like fashion,"? When has Pavel Datsyuk ever gone between the legs to inspire that remark? The closest thing to that would be to is Marek Malik's between the legs goal where he shot the puck over Olaf Kolzig.

Anyways, Bertuzzi dropped the puck behind him, reached his stick between his legs (this is where Malik shot the puck), pushed the puck back up in front of him and buried it backhand. "In Datsyukian fashion!"

Ugh shut up.

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