Sunday, July 29, 2012

Julylights: July 29th, Patrick Kane Embarrasses Jimmy Howard

Welcome to Julylights, a month long series taking the top plays of the '11-'12 season and giving them to you one a day, every day of the month of July. 

If there was a winner decided and a trophy given away at the conclusion of "Julylights", Chicago Blackhawks star, Patrick Kane, would be the undisputed winner. This is Kane's third appearance on this highlight countdown, and he has had some of the best highlights over the last month.

Kane's first appearance featured a spin-o-rama pass that set up Marian Hossa on the backdoor, his second appearance displayed his soft hands when he dangled a goalie out of his pads in the shootout, and another goalie falls victim to Kane today. (Video after the jump)

This move came in the last game of the regular season for both teams. Both teams had already qualified for the post season, so there was not too much pressure on the players that shot in the shootout, which could have been the reason why Kane even tried such a showy move.

But nonetheless, Kane pulled a move that made Detroit Red Wings goalie, Jimmy Howard, look foolish. The  donkey kick, between the legs, all while waiting for Howard to open up before Kane tucked it between his legs was a thing of beauty.

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