Thursday, July 26, 2012

Julylights: July 26th, Claude Giroux's Shootout Magic

Welcome to Julylights, a month long series taking the top plays of the '11-'12 season and giving them to you one a day, every day of the month of July. 

Thanks to a breakout year for the Philadelphia Flyers, and a little publicity in the 24/7 series, Claude Giroux has burst onto the hockey scene. He has become one of the league's top offensive forces, scoring highlight reel goals and doing it with ease.

Giroux has the speed to breakaway from his opponents, and the hands to dangle a goalie out of his pads. These skills helped Giroux light the lamp 28 times and record 93 points in just 77 games played last season.

There were no goals where Giroux's soft hands were on display more, than his shootout goal against the Toronto Maple Leafs. (Video after the jump)

Giroux's move has a hint of Pavel Datsyuk in it. Of course, the critics have argued it's not as good as Datsyuk's because the puck rolled onto Giroux's blade making him roofing it an easier task. To those critics, I say "Get outta here!"

Any dangle that leaves a goalie in his own net, on his ass, is filthy hands down, and if you're going to take away from it by saying, someone else did it better, I'd like to see you get close to pulling something so smooth.

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