Saturday, July 21, 2012

Julylights: July 21st, Henrik Zetterburg Goes One-Handed In The Shootout

Welcome to Julylights, a month long series taking the top plays of the '11-'12 season and giving them to you one a day, every day of the month of July.

When an amazing shootout goal is scored by a player on the Detroit Red Wings, many just assume that it was Pavel Datsyuk, with Datsyuk's past they have the right to. But, with the abundace of talent on the Red Wings' roster it is just as likely for any other player to pull a move out of their hat of tricks and dazzle the hockey world with an amazing deke.

In this case, it was Henrik Zeterburg, who danlged Phoenix Coyotes' goaltender, Mike Smith, out of his goalie pads. (Video after the jump)

I just want to mention, this could be the beginning of the flopping fiasco that Smith pulled during the playoffs just months ago. Zetterburg's stick just grazes Smith's helmet and Smith pulled his arm across and goes to the ice like he was just slashed across the helmet. Come on.

Anyways, Zetterburg pulled off this move and was able to get the one hand around Smith's big 6'4" frame and tuck the puck into the net, not an easy task. We should take this chance to thank the Red Wings for being so amazing, and throwing us the Datsyuk-less highlight every now and then.

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