Sunday, July 15, 2012

Julylights: July 15th, Benoit Pouliot's Fast Break

Welcome to Julylights, a month long series taking the top plays of the '11-'12 season and giving them to you one a day, every day of the month of July.

The Boston Bruins started their Stanley Cup defending campaign slow and sluggish. This start by the Bruins had most people questioning the possibility of there being a repeat, and the chance that the Bruins even make the playoffs in order to have a chance at a repeat.

Well the Bruins rebounded from their zombie like start and were able to win the Northeast Division and qualify for the playoffs as the number two seed in the East.

This turnaround happened because the Bruins remembered the type of run-and-gun hockey that they play.  A style of play that is pictured perfect in Benoit Pouliot’s goal against the Montreal Canadiens. (Video after the jump)

This was one of Pouliot’s 16 goals and 32 points last season, and it was all made possible Chris Kelly’s pass through the neutral zone. A clean and crisp pass from Kelly sprung Pouliot, and the rest is history.

Pouliot’s one-touch through the legs of the defenseman, and shot through the wickets of Canadiens’ goalie, Carey Price, was a thing of beauty. Too bad the Bruins couldn’t do this kind of stuff against the Washington Capitals during the playoffs.

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