Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NHL Awards Show Preview: The Vezina Trophy

The season is over, and the Stanley Cup has been awarded. But the NHL still has some hardware to hand out.  In just a few days the NHL will hand out the Calder, Hart, Norris, Vezina and Jack Adams Trophy at the NHL Awards Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The league’s best players will invade Sin City, and will wait for the crowning of the NHL’s best rookie, head coach, defenseman, goalie and most valuable player.

Over the next few days we’ll give you an inside look at who should win and why. Today, the Vezina Trophy.

Jonathan Quick, Los Angeles Kings
Henrik Lundvist, New York Rangers
Pekka Rinne, Nashville Predators

Who will win:

This question can be answered with one paragraph.

He led the league with 10 shutouts. He was second in the league with a 1.95 goals against average. He was fifth in the league with a .929 save percentage. His name is Jonathan Quick and he will win the Vezina Trophy this year.

Quick anchored a team that was starving for offense for most of the regular season. He started a career high 69 games, and recorded 35 of the Kings’ 40 wins this season.  Quick did all this with very little support from the team in front of him.

Unfortunately, Quick fell victim to the Kings’ offensive struggles quite often. Quick was assessed losses when the Kings scored two goals or fewer 15 times, and nine times when the Kings scored one goal or were shutout. Ouch.

Could you imagine Quick’s numbers if the Kings would have chipped in a goal or two from time to time before the trade deadline.

Lundqvist and Rinne are both elite goalies and were on top of their game last season, but Quick was just better, hands down. Although performance in the playoffs does not go into consideration, Quick’s show during his trip to becoming the playoff MVP should show those East Coasters that don’t get to watch the Kings too often what they’ve been missing.

At the end of the night, Quick will have completed the sweep, and will have three nice trophies to add to his resume. 

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