Sunday, June 3, 2012

Devils May Fall Victim To Quick Turnaround

It was a late nigh for the Stanley Cup Finalists. The turnaround and travel was known to be a quick and late en devour when the schedule for the Finals was released. However, game two of the series ran into overtime and almost ran the entirety of the frame making the task even more grueling.

This type of travel, hell travel at all, is something that the New Jersey Devils are too accustom to of late. The Devils have been fortunate enough to face the Philadelphia Flyers, a short two hour bus ride from Newark, and the New York Rangers, an even shorter 30 minute train ride.

The Devils have not had to board a plane in order to play their away games since game seven in the first round against the Florida Panthers, nearly ten weeks ago. Nothing like a six hour plane ride to get you back in the swing of things.
Appose to the Los Angeles Kings, who are about as far West as you can get in the NHL, and have to endure vigorous travel on a frequent basis during both the regular and post season. The Kings are more used to these quick turnarounds and could benefit from the situation.

The teams touched down at Los Angeles International Airport after 3:00 a.m. last night, just 38 hours prior to game three's start time. Once you factor in the Devils getting in and situated to their hotels, their optional skate and media availability this morning, that is a very hectic 24 hours.

Game three is perhaps the biggest game of the series for the Devils, they can either fall into a 3-0 hole, or get back in the series and ensure a game five. This unfamiliar and tiring territory could be whats causes the end of the Devils.

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