Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Video: Niklas Kronwall Destroys Jakub Voracek

There is that hit every season, a hit where every player but the skater who is about to get destroyed sees it coming. That hit come earlier tonight, when Jakub Voracek of the Philadelphia Flyers skated up the side boards while reaching behind him to catch the puck.

That moment would cause any defenseman's eyes to light up. Which I'm sure happened to Kronwall when Voracek skated from the top of the face-off circle to about five feet inside the blue line with his head down. Here's the video.

It is no surprise that Voracek needed help off the ice. Voracek may miss some time because that hit had viscous power and would not surprise me if it leads to a concussion. Kronwall was not penalized on the play and will not face any suspension time because of the hit.

That was hitting 101, shoulder down, elbow tucked and an explosion through the opposing player. It unfortunate for Voracek that he had to be the lab rat for this presentation.


  1. Couldn't disagree with you more. Kronwall rammed his shoulder into Voracek's face. That in itself is illegal and should result in a fine at the very least. Kronwall should get a call from Brendan Shannahan. That hit was horrible.

  2. I think there is something wrong with Kronwall.

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