Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Does Boychuks' Concussion Surprise Anyone?

It has been announced that Johnny Boychuck will be out indefinitely with a concussion. Is that a surprise to anyone? Boychuk was absolutely steam rolled by Chris Neil of the Ottawa Senators on Saturday in a hit that had concussion written all over it.

The hit, devastating as it was, was as clean as it can get. Neil, coming down the boards, used Bruins' forward Benoit Pouliot as a screen almost before shooting around him and hammering Boychuk just after he released the puck. The hit was shoulder-to-chest, and a prime example of how to through a check.

Although Neil seemed to be shaken up after the hit, he did not miss any playing time. Given the current situation with concussions in the NHL it could be quite some time before we see Boychuk back in the Bruins lineup.

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