Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Winnipeg Jets' Jerseys Are... Disappointing

Since the the Atlanta Thrashers were sold to True North Sports & Entertainment, many questions have surrounded the newly revived Winnipeg franchise.

What will the name the team?

What will the Jets' new logos be?

What jerseys will the new logos be placed on?

Over time, answers to those questions presented themselves. The franchise chose to keep the Jets as the name of the franchise, and to design new logos that paid tribute to True North and the Canadian Air Force.

But both the Jets fan base, and hockey world, would have to wait to see what the new Winnipeg Jets jerseys would look like. The wait came an end today, as team captain, Andrew Ladd, Nik Antropov, Mark Stuart, and Eric Fehr modeled the team's new uniforms.

In a revealing that involved, men and women in uniform, airplane fly-overs, and the four players walking out of a Hercules Jet  to reveal the team's new sweaters, the jerseys came up a little short.

The home jersey is navy blue, lined with white and a lighter blue. While the away jersey is white, and lined with two shades of blue.

Pretty basic.

When the logos were released, the ideas of what the jerseys would look like were endless.Most were not as simple as the actual jerseys ended up being.

The only complexity on the jerseys are the stripes on the forearms, possibly there to resemble the wings of actual Jets. Other than that, the jerseys are pretty simple in every aspect.

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  1. An underpar jersey for an underpar team

  2. I think it's not really disappointing. These jerseys look great but the previous ones were greater. If people think that the Jerseys are not so cool, then they can always change them for the better.

  3. Many people reacted to these jerseys before. If I am not mistaken, they have already changed the design and color.