Friday, July 8, 2011

July-lights: July 8th, Subban Destroys Marchand

PK Subban has flourished in his what was his first full season in the NHL, he only played two games of the '09-'10 season, playing the majority of the season in the American Hockey League. He played a total of 77 games last season with Montreal, grabbing 38 points, with 14 goals and 24 assists.

The Montreal Canadiens selected him in the second round, 43rd overall, of the '07 Entry Draft. Being listed at 6'0" and just over 200 pounds Subban is not the biggest body on the ice. His size was not apparent when he crushed Boston Bruins' Brad Marchand (see below).

Brad Marchand had picked up the puck behind the Bruins' net and came around with speed, moving through the neutral zone and into the Canadiens' zone. PK Subban stepped up just inside the blue line and crushed Marchand. Subban threw the hit in somewhat of an uncoordinated manner, almost turning completely around and hitting Marchand with his backside.

Unordinary, but effective.

Subban unleashed 110 hits during the regular season, this one being one of his heaviest. Heavy enough to send Marchand to the bench where he hunched over in pain and tried to regain his focus.

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