Thursday, July 7, 2011

July-lights: July 7th, Umberger Drops Seabrook

When most people mention RJ Umberger and huge hit in the same sentence they are referring to when Umberger who was then Playing for the Philadelphia Flyers, was absolutely destroyed by Brian Campbell who was playing for the Buffalo Sabres, in the opening round of the '05-'06 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

However, if Umberger continues to throw his body around like he did in the video below, maybe, just maybe, some people will be able to forget the image of Umberger laying flat on the ice gazing into the rafters of HSBC Arena.

After the puck comes squirting out of a scrum in front of the net, now a part of the Columbus Blue Jackets RJ Umberger found himself in a race to the puck with Chicago Blackhawks' defense man, Brent Seabrook. Both sprinting to the puck came into contact with each other before they hit the boards, after the contact it was only Seabrook who would hit the boards. Coming off of Umberger's shoulder, leaving the ice and hitting the boards while parallel to the ice.

"Campbell just destroyed........." is that Rick Jeanneret's voice fading into the distance?

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