Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July-lights: July 5th, Turris Snipes Lawson

The shootout, hated by some loved by many. However, when players score goals like Kyle Turris' below, one begins to wonder how anyone can not love the shootout. Being that the shooter can take his time and skate down one-on-one against the goalie creates an endless amount of possibilities. The shooter can snipe top corner, dangle the goalie's jock strap into the rafters, or the goalie can rob the shooter from scoring a sure goal. The wonders of the shootout.

Kyle Turris is still one of the younger kids in the NHL, being just 21 years of age, coming into the league 3rd overall in the 2007 Entry Draft. He did not have much playing time in his first season, splitting time between the University of Wisconsin and Phoenix Coyotes, playing just three games in the NHL.

However, since the '08 season Turris has made appearance in 128 NHL games, netting 19 goals and 26 helpers for a total of 45 points. On the other hand, Turris can say he has done one thing no one else has done, scored on a one-timer in a shootout (see below).

Coming into the shootout Turris had the chance to win the game for his team. Skating into the Islander zone Turris froze Islander goalie, Nathan Lawson, by bouncing the puck off of the outside of his right skate and back onto the blade of his stick. He released the puck with a quick snapshot that found its way over the left shoulder of Lawson, winning the game for the Coyotes.

Regarding Lawson and his snapping of his stick across the post, I'm no goalie but last time I checked the goalies stick has very little to do with getting sniped top cheddar over the opposite shoulder. Just saying.

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