Sunday, July 3, 2011

July-lights: July 3rd, Doughty Goes Vintage On Hall

For long time Kings fans it is not an unfamiliar thing to see a huge hip check thrown on an opposing player streaking down the boards. However, back in the 90's a much bigger Rob Blake was the Kings defenseman patrolling the blue line, not Drew Doughty.

Doughty is mainly known for his offensive presence and not bone crushing hits. Since being drafted second overall by the Kings in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft he has netted 33 goals, along with 93 assists, amassing 126 points in his first three seasons. This offensive nature stems from the fact that Doughty is not afraid to jump up in the rush alongside the offense and shoot the puck, launching 407 shots, grabbing nine game winning goals in his young career. 

Averaging just over 27 minutes of ice time a game, Doughty is the Kings go to defenseman, which makes it understandable that he was on the ice against the Edmonton Oilers' top line for this hit.

 Hall had just received a drop pass in the neutral zone and was wheeling into the Kings zone. Perhaps he thought he had enough speed to make it around Doughty who was angeling him into the boards. That was not the case, Doughty came gliding across throwing his hip into Hall and Hall into the boards.

 A pile up ensued after the hit after now King, Dustin Penner, took Doughty to the ice and the remaining players on the ice followed suit. Wonder if that is why Penner doesn't backcheck for the Kings.

 Drew Doughty is now a restricted free agent and currently negotiating his new contract with the Kings. He is expected to get signed long term and become the highest paid player on the Kings' roster. Money well spent if Doughty cotinues to anchor the Kings' defense like he has done so far.

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