Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July-lights: July 26th, Thomas Roughs Up Sedin

Originally I was not going dub this play worthy enough to make the list of the season's best highlights. However, there is just something about a goalie lighting up one of the league's most glorified players and divers that rubs me the right way.

That being said, Tim Thomas will make his second appearance in "July-lights".

So, let me set the scene for you. We're in game three of the Stanley Cup Finals, the Vancouver Canucks are leading the series 2-0. The series has already been full of controversy, involving biting, a player being knocked out cold earlier in the game, and enough acting to win an Oscar. At this point in the game the Bruins are up 4-0 and on their way to winning their first game of the Finals.

However Tim Thomas can never do anything in a quiet, calm manner, he has to add a little flair and suspense to the moment. So what does he do, he flattens the other teams star player, Henrik Sedin (check it out below).

Ahhh, Tim Thomas adds to the long list of reasons why I think he is the best goaltender in the league. Thomas went on to rub salt in the wounds of both Sedin, and the Canucks, eventually winning that game 8-1 and the Stanley Cup Finals 4-3. While giving the Bruins a performance worthy enough to win the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoffs MVP.

Sedin didn't have to dive on that one now did he.

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