Thursday, July 14, 2011

July-lights: July 14th, Khabibulin Stones Zetterburg

Nikolai Khabibulin has done fairly well in the NHL since he came into the league in the '92 NHL Entry Draft,  where he was drafted in the 9th round, 204th overall. Although he was grabbed so late in the draft, Khabibulin has won the Stanley Cup, posted four 30+ win seasons, and visited the playoffs a totals of seven times.

However last season Khabibulin lost 32 games, the most by a goalie in the league. Khabibulin also grabbed an .890 save percentage, resulting in a 3.40 goals against average in the process. Not the best season in his long NHL career.

If Khabibulin would have made more saves like the one below, those stats would have been a little more envious.

Coming into the zone, Detroit Red Wings', Henrik Zetterburg cut into the slot and released a snapshot. Following his shot, Zetterburg picked up his rebound and put the puck back on net where a recovering Khabibulin turned out one of the best saves of the year.

Falling to his back Khabibulin tipped the puck with his finger tips pushing the puck over the net and saving a for sure goal. Maybe the "Khabi-wall" hasn't fallen just yet.

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