Sunday, July 10, 2011

July-lights: July 12th, Quick Stuns Iginla

In recent history the Los Angeles Kings have had a bit of an identity crisis when it has come to goaltending. From Roman Choke-manek, to whats his name Fukafuji, it is easy to say the Kings have tried everything in the past decade or so when it came to who was between the pipes.

However, the Kings have found their goal tending savior, and his name is Jon Quick. Drafted in 2005, 72nd overall, he did not make a lasting mark on the Kings organization until the '08-'09 season, where he played in 44 games winning 21 and posting a .914 save percentage in the process.

In the '09-'10 season Quick took over as the Kings clear cut number one goalie, playing in 72 games, winning 39 games. Last season Quick's work load was a little lighter, with back up Jonathan Bernier relieving Quick from time to time. Although Quick only played in 61 games last season, he won 35, while having a 2.24 goals against average, and posting six shutouts.

After watching the video below one can see why Quick has continued to excel, MAGIC!

When first watching it looks as if Quick got a piece of Jarome Iginla's one timer with his skate or stick, causing the puck to deflect away from the net. That is not the case. The puck gets behind Quick, and shoots out away from the net, despite all of the momentum it had going towards the net. Oooooohhh, ahhhhh!

It seems as if Quick pulled a trick out of Hudini's bag of tricks here, or just willed the puck from going into the net. What ever the case it is one of the best, kinda saves of the year.

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