Friday, May 13, 2011

Granlund's Dirty Goal at The World Championships

Finland's Mikael Granlund, a Minnesota Wild prospect scored perhaps the best goal of the international tournament. After winning the face-off he beats two Russian defenders in the corner, taking the puck behind the net and jamming it home with a Michigan style goal. What a celly after the goal to top it off, down to one knee with a windmill as the cherry on top.


  1. wow, that was spectacular....why don't players try that more often, or is it REALLy impossible??? thanks for sharing (and also for commenting on my blog....I just re read my last rambling on and on post about Game 7 and saw tons of typos and poor grammar usage to fix...oops, embarassing....but THANKS for pointing out that Marleau silenced some of his critics with his play and the game winner, I should have added that fact to my rambling about me being "So Happy!" lol)

  2. its not to hard, i and most other hockey players can do it, its just being able and having the guts to do it during an actual game. Due to the showboat factor of the move you may get ran after trying a goal like that.