Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Canucks Take Game Three After Questionable Call

Game three of the series between the Nashville Predators and Vancouver Canucks proved to be just as entertaining as the rest of the series has been. The Predators jumped out to an early lead by David Legwand, the Canucks would answer with goals by Ryan Kessler and Chris Higgins and took a lead late into the third period. Until Joel Ward wrapped the puck around the net into the slot and got a good bounce with about seven minutes left in the third. The teams went into overtime for the second time in the series.

A good overtime where both teams traded chances through out the entirety was rudely interupted by a very questionable hooking call to Preadators capatain Shea Weber (see below).

The Canucks' Ryan Kessler would score his second goal of the game during the ensuing power play and give the Canucks a 2-1 series lead. For a ref to make such a game changing call is ridiculous, in overtime of the Stanley Cup Playoffs none the less. Boy did Kessler sell that hook until the whistle blew, locking the stick up under the arm and batteling along the boards until the penalty was called. In overtime the refs should nearly put away their whistles and definately not call tick tack penalties like this one.

The Predators were screwed here in a the tightest series of the playoffs where they have taken the Presidents Trophy winners, the team who scored the most goals during the regular season to overtime once, double overtime once, and held them to a one goal game in the other. For the game to be decided on a power play from such a BS call does not give the series justice.

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