Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Joe Thornton, Worst Playoff Goal Celebration Ever

Last night the San Jose Sharks eliminated the Los Angeles Kings in game six of the Stanley Cup Conference Quarterfinals.
After three periods of hockey the teams found themselves locked at a 3-3 tie and going into overtime. After killing off the remainder of a major penalty to Jamie McGinn for charging Brad Richardson in the third, the Sharks came down the ice and Joe Thornton got away from Willie Mitchell in the slot and buried a gift wrapped rebound goal to propel the Sharks to the second round of the playoffs.
What ensued after the goal was perhaps the worst playoff goal celebration in the history of the Stanley Cup, take a look.
Possibly trying to take a page out of Maxim Afinogenov's book of celebrations when Afinogenov scored in overtime for the Sabres in game five against the Rangers back in the '06-'07 playoffs. Thornton however sprints to the blue line and then falls into what seems like a fetal position type of slide on his back. WHAT!?!? You just scored perhaps your biggest goal since becoming a Shark, to get them to the second round of the playoffs and you drop into the fetal position!
In the NHL nowadays celebrations are almost looked at as much as the goal itself, you have the fist pump, the drop to a knee, the jump into the glass, etc. and Thornton falls to his ass like he is bowling into the corwd of his celebrating teammates. San Jose's very own Devon Setoguchi posted on his Twitter after the win,
Great series, kings were a tough opponent great year for them! Jumbo joe with the snipe and "
If your own team is calling you out on the celly I would definitely go back to the drawing board before the second round "Jumbo Joe".


  1. Maybe he doesn't score many game winners, therefore, he's not very proficient at the game winning celebration....I thought someone was going to get kicked in the face with a skate! And I think Devin was just joking around with the hashtags...he does that a lot.

    *** cool blog...keep adding to it! Love it!!!

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